The first games were played at Knebworth bowls Club as early as 1911 and in 1921 Knebworth Bowls Club was shown as one of only five clubs in Hertfordshire to be registered with the English Bowls Association. The Land was originally owned by Lord Cobbold , then Hertfordshire County and currently Knebworth Parish Council.
There are members who think it became a mixed bowls club in about 1969 allowing ladies to play alongside the men. The old clubhouse had no heat , lighting or water and sometime between 1980 and 1992 water and electricity were laid on and a separate dressing room and toilets were added.

Unfortunately all our history was lost in August of 2003 when the clubhouse and changing rooms were burned to the ground by fire destroying everything. For three years we played our matches on nearby greens belonging to other clubs and for the next two seasons all our matches were away matches. During this time insurance money, fundraising and donations were used to help rebuild the club to the latest specifications. A lot of this was due to the efforts of the late Peter Beadle who was at the time Club President and Chairman.

Apart from the base all the construction work was undertaken by volunteers both men and women. See the photos below to see the progress they made from the total destruction by fire, to the clubhouse as we know it today and you will appreciate how hard they all worked.

In 2013 we celebrated our centenary in a number of different ways, producing a special centenary brochure and having a bowls match against the Royal Household at Windsor Great Park (see photos below) to name but two.